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Homepoint provides you with a wide range of services in the field of real estate:
Market analysis for sale or purchase price of the property;
Preparation of a sales offer;
Consultation to improve the market performance of the property;
Detailed familiarization with the technology of the transaction in order to ensure its security and transparency;
Strategy for selling the property;

Possibilities for filming the property:
- photos taken by a professional photographer;
- preparation of a virtual panoramic 360-degree tour;
- preparation of a video presentation of the property and its surroundings;

Scheme of the property, as well as options for reconstruction;

 Preparation and implementation of an advertising strategy:
- Internet space
- Print media;
- Sign/banner;
- Other ways of concentrating local interest;

Consultation on all documents necessary for the transaction, as well as the possibility of their preparation;
Periodic consultation regarding updating the price of the property;
Report on calls received and visits made;
Weekly contact with your personal broker and analysis of received interest, accompanied by recommendations, based on received customer feedback;
Conducting professional negotiations and protecting your interests;
Thorough verification of the documents and the property;
Legal service of the transaction by an external law firm, at the expense of HOME POINT;
Notarization of the deal;
Assisting with settlement of the transaction;

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